FZ 3D’s manufacturing and finishing technologies are a perfect match for the needs of the aeronautics industry. Covering everything in the creation of flightworthy parts, from making lighter and more efficient engine components to highly optimized, complex, and fully processed 3D printed Airframe parts, etc.

  • Extend Lifecycle of AM Parts
  • Improve the mechanical properties of the AM Material
  • Increase Aerodynamic Properties



FZ 3D’s additive manufacturing gives the defence industry a whole new level of capabilities.  From retro-engineering, retro-fitting, maintenance, performance improvement packages, and to fully optimize new development.  FZ 3D’s technology will give a leading edge to defence operations.

  • Extend Lifecycle of AM Parts
  • Improve the mechanical properties of the AM Material
  • Design flexibility
  • On-Site advanced manufacturing capabilities
  • Rapid deployment
  • Optimized lead-times


FZ 3D’s state of the art metrology, 3D scanning, and advanced manufacturing equipment allows for fully customisable tools, devices, implants, and components.  Our surface post processing techniques will allow to attain the engineering surface required for any specific medical application.

  • Possibility of 3D printing polymer or metallic biocompatible materials
  • Shorter lead-times for customized manufactured products
  • Improve the mechanical properties of the AM Material
  • Incomparable precision


FZ 3D’s technologies will make the world rethink the impossible.  Allows to design key components with exotic geometries with free complexity. Will allow the development of high performance and optimized new generation systems in the energy sector.

  • Easy access to noble materials
  • Intricate design capabilities
  • Allows development for extreme or unique condition applications


Innovation, cost savings, reduced inventories, Single Minute Exchange of Die, and mass customization; all these possible with FZ 3D’s advanced manufacturing technologies.  Increase in the speed of design and the ease of multiple iterations.  Possibility of fully functional and representative parts or tooling prototypes with new advanced 3D printing materials.  Allows for real just-in-time.

  • Extend Lifecycle of AM Parts
  • Improve the mechanical properties of the AM Material
  • Less inventory
  • Reduced number of sub-components
  • Easy access to exotic materials
  • Mass customization capability at no extra cost

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